About Us

Digital Printing Solutions Mystique Printing has been an industry Leader for more than 20 years.

During this time we’ve built a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted and professional print providers, with a commitment to delivering the best quality products at the right price.

But as well as offering great packages, we’re also dedicated to sustainable business practices and have achieved the following results;

69% reduction in chemical use since 2007

 Just 10 litres of water used in an 8 hour shift

(The average Australian uses 100+litres for a single shower)

1192 tonnes of CO2 offset in 2010-2011

(That equates to taking 240 medium size cars off the road for a whole year)

Introduction of Soy-based inks to reduce our carbon footprint       

So next time you need printing services that won’t cost the earth, call Mystique Printing for the lowest price, the highest quality and the best sustainable practices.


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